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Review: Calendar Girl: January by Audrey Carlan

Audrey Carlan’s Calendar Girl series has been charting extremely well, and its appeal is immediately obvious: one steamy novella for each month of the year, now all available so readers can move from one to the other as needed – … Continue reading

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Review: Secret Confessions: Down & Dusty – Casey by Rachael Johns

I was a fan of the first Secret Confessions series, Sydney Housewives, so I dived right into the first release from the new Down & Dusty series. Casey by bestselling author Rachael Johns is the story of Casey and Joel, … Continue reading

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The Princess: The Young Royals 3 released today

Today marks the publication of the third novel in the Young Royals series that began with The Prince at the end of 2014 and continued with The Queen in May 2015. This third novel, The Princess, is about Princess Margaret, … Continue reading

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Review: Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

Wallbanger isn’t a new book but it’s new to me – and, therefore, reviewable (given that this is my website and I can do what I like … right?). And Wallbanger exemplifies one of the really good reasons to discover … Continue reading

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Special prices for The Queen and The Prince

  Ahead of the release of The Princess: The Young Royals 3 on 21 January 2016, the first two novels in the series are available for special prices for a limited time – just to, you know, entice you into … Continue reading

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Read an excerpt from The Princess

The third book in the Young Royals series, The Princess, will be published by Momentum on 21 January 2016. It tells the tale of Princess Margaret, the youngest of the siblings who form the core of the three books. Margaret’s … Continue reading

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Review: The Billionaire Bargain 1 by Lila Monroe

We meet Lacey Newman, the narrator of The Billionaire Bargain, when she’s in the middle of a bad date, just before she’s called back to her job by her bad boss. In other words: her life isn’t going quite how … Continue reading

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Review: Operation White Christmas by Nicki Edwards

Each Christmas brings a new Santa sack full of Christmas-themed romance novellas; it would be difficult to read them all, but some are definitely worth making time for. Operation White Christmas by Nicki Edwards is one of those. Hollie Douglas leaves behind … Continue reading

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Review: Billabong Bend by Jennifer Scoullar

Jennifer Scoullar writes great rural romance stories that always have an extra mission: an environmental theme. Her novels cover serious issues to do with farming, water preservation, mining, crops, endangered animals and weather in such a way that the reader … Continue reading

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Review: An Outback Christmas by Louise Reynolds

[Since I write romance and read romance, I thought it time to start writing about romance. So there will now be reviews on this site in amongst news about my own books. Hopefully these reviews will help you find more great things … Continue reading

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