Review: Secret Confessions: Down & Dusty – Casey by Rachael Johns

I was a fan of the first Secret Confessions series, Sydney Housewives, so I dived right into the first release from the new Down & Dusty series. Casey by bestselling author Rachael Johns is the story of Casey and Joel, who are still married but Casey’s been living in a different town after leaving Joel because, basically, he just wouldn’t grow up. Plus, not being near Joel means Casey can’t give in to the temptation that arises whenever she’s hear him – because whatever problems they might have had, they were never in the bedroom.

Down & Dusty: Casey is not only down and dusty but hot and steamy … just as you’d want it to be. Johns gets us into the story and the characters quickly, so we can appreciate the action all the more. This is not a sugar hit so much as a super-charge – and a great start to the series.

Secret Confessions: Down & Dusty – Casey (Escape) is out now.

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