The Princess: The Young Royals 3 released today

9781760301842_princess_coverToday marks the publication of the third novel in the Young Royals series that began with The Prince at the end of 2014 and continued with The Queen in May 2015. This third novel, The Princess, is about Princess Margaret, the youngest sibling in the royal trio.

Margaret is young but she’s already lost both her parents. She’s coped the best way she can: basically, by taking a lot of holidays, all while her sister, the monarch, works as hard as she can in the service of her country and their brother, David, settles down to his own responsibilities. Margaret isn’t lazy – she’s just not seen much point in working when her brother and sister are doing so much of it already. In this she has been supported by her long-term boyfriend, Hal.

Yet Margaret, of all people, should know that life doesn’t flow along without change – often unwanted change – and when the Queen’s circumstances change and she needs Margaret’s help, the youngest royal has to make some decisions about her life, including Hal’s role in it. Margaret has to grow up, even if that means being on her own … although a chance encounter with John Bartholomew, the world’s favourite actor, might just bring about change of its own.

The Princess: The Young Royals 3 is published by Momentum.


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