Review: Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

Wallbanger isn’t a new book but it’s new to me – and, therefore, reviewable (given that this is my website and I can do what I like … right?). And Wallbanger exemplifies one of the really good reasons to discover an author’s ‘backlist’ titles: finding out that there have been other books written since which can be read and enjoyed hopefully as much as the first. That was my first instinct on finishing Wallbanger: to read Alice Clayton’s other books, although ‘inhaling’ them may be more accurate, as if they’re anything like Wallbanger they will entertain and delight, make the reader laugh and, yes, do all the right things a novel with great sex scenes should do.

The set-up of Wallbanger is a good one: Caroline, an interior designer living in the San Francisco apartment of her dreams, is kept awake at night by the literally wallbanging sexcapades of her neighbour, who turns out to be a ruggedly, raunchily handsome photographer called Simon. Caroline will find out his name when, fed up with sleepless nights and the fact that her cat, Clive, has taken a liking to one of Simon’s harem (as she calls the array of different women he beds), Caroline takes it upon herself to interrupt Simon one night with some raucous banging of her own: on his door.

This is a romance novel, so of course these two are going to become further enmeshed. Along the way we’ll meet their friends and mentors; we’ll find out that Caroline loves to bake and that Simon may have a fondness for baked goods; that both characters are well-drawn individuals who make a great heroine and hero. Their attraction to each other may be powerful, but it’s not without its complications – and even those are fun to work through.

Wallbanger is satisfying on so many levels. If you’ve never read an Alice Clayton novel before, make this your first – then do what I did and plunge (ahem) into her others.

Wallbanger by Alice Clayton is available from all good e-book retailers.

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