Read an excerpt from The Princess

9781760301842_princess_coverThe third book in the Young Royals series, The Princess, will be published by Momentum on 21 January 2016. It tells the tale of Princess Margaret, the youngest of the siblings who form the core of the three books. Margaret’s life is more carefree than that of her brother, Prince David, and sister, Queen Alexandra, but she’s still a member of the royal family – and she has to grow up sometime. The Princess is about Margaret growing up, and hopefully it’s also about how any person finds a life that’s meaningful – and a relationship that fits.

Margaret meets John Bartholomew, the most famous actor in the world. He’s older than her, accomplished and handsome, but he is just as susceptible to self-doubt and mistakes as Margaret. One big mistake will cause them both to question the future of their relationship – and John’s suitability to be involved with a member of the royal family.

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