Review: The Billionaire Bargain 1 by Lila Monroe

We meet Lacey Newman, the narrator of The Billionaire Bargain, when she’s in the middle of a bad date, just before she’s called back to her job by her bad boss. In other words: her life isn’t going quite how she’d like – and that’s before she arrives back at work, at night, to help Bad Boss Jacinda clean up yet another mess caused by their devilishly handsome, and just plain devilish, boss, the Australian billionaire Grant Devlin.

Devlin has a knack for making investors nervous, with his reckless antics and his apparent lack of concern for his business, which employs a large number of people – including, of course, Lacey, who’s been stuck in her role as admin assistant to Jacinda for a while. Even if she’s really doing doing Jacinda’s work for her. Even if Jacinda knows that and doesn’t want Lacey to ever forget her ‘place’.

When Lacey, sick of working overtime for underpay, gets up the gumption to tell off Devlin to his face, she’s convinced she’s going to be fired. Which is a pity, because Devlin really is quite attractive … when he’s not being lazy and careless.

Instead of firing her, though, Devlin turns her world upside down in ways she couldn’t predict. Work, play, love, adventure – everything changes. Now Lacey just has to work out if she’s prepared to bargain with him so they both get the life they want …

The first volume of The Billionaire’s Bargain is pacey, fun, hot and incredibly enjoyable. There’s the odd implausible thing – in real life, Lacey would absolutely be fired for what she said – but that’s part of what makes fiction delicious: we can suspend our disbelief and immerse ourselves in another world for a while. If the book does its job, we have a great time while we’re there. The Billionaire Bargain absolutely did its job – and if that’s not enough to convince you, I immediately bought the next two volumes.

The Billionaire Bargain 1 (and 2 and 3) are available as ebooks. 

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